Data Delivery Services

Health Data Compass is the enterprise health data warehouse that integrates patient clinical data from the EHR at both UCHealth and Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO). All data that comes from UCHealth, CHCO, and CU Medicine contains PHI and no data are de-identified or scrubbed on the way into Compass. Therefore Compass can link additional data from sources outside of these institutions​, such as the Colorado All Payer's Claims Database (APCD) from the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC). Compass is a vital source of multi-institutional integrated data and analytic services designed to transform data-driven processes in clinical research, operational excellence, molecular discovery, and personalized medicine.

Self-Service Deidentified Cohort Queries

Health Data Compass enables access to UCHealth patient data in a fully deidentified, aggregated form, via the TriNetX web application. TriNetX allows users to identify inclusion and exclusion criteria from a range of data elements collected in UCHealth's Epic medical record system, including temporal relationships. Users can then explore the resulting cohort stratified by a variety of demographic characteristics.

TriNetX is available to employees of Compass's partners and is ideally suited for high-level data exploration and feasibility analyses. Apply for access via our De-identified Data Access Agreement.

Cohorts generated in TriNetX can be re-identified by Compass along with providing data extracts specific to those cohorts. You can share your cohort with Compass by going to Study Management/Team and select Share. Then email Compass with your request and the name of the TriNetX Study and provide a copy of your IRB approved protocol and application.

Training and support for using TriNetX - Note: You will need a TriNetX account to access this content.

Data Explorer Dashboards

To aid in developing inclusion/exclusion criteria for self-service or custom data extracts, Compass provides a series of Data Explorer Dashboards. These self-service tools enable users to explore codes for medications, labs, procedures, departments, flowsheets, and more.

To gain access to the Data Explorer Dashboards, please apply via our De-identified Data Access Agreement. Once you are granted access, connect to the CU Denver or CU Anschutz network (or VPN) to access the Data Explorer Dashboards.

Check out the tutorial on how to use the Data Explorer Dashboards! Please Note: The URL listed in the tutorial is no longer current. To access Tableau, go to

Custom Data Extracts & Honest Broker Services

Our Data Delivery Team will work with you to develop a custom data extract. These extracts can be fully deidentified or contain PHI, and can be used for a variety of research, QI, or administrative purposes. Our analysts can assist you to:

  • Identify the regulatory type of data request that matches your project

  • Flesh out the data needed for your project

  • Identify the data from within Compass that is needed for your project

  • Get Institutional approval for PHI to be released from Compass for your project

  • Create a data set, data mart, report, and/or visualization dashboard for your project

  • Deliver your PHI data to a HIPAA secure environment for you to ​​access​​

To get started on a custom data extract project, please complete and submit the Compass Data Request Questionnaire.

Compass can act as an honest broker by maintaining PHI when linking data from additional sources such as the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine DNA Biobank.

Compass can provide custom data extracts in three different formats:

  1. ​De-Identified Data Set. Compass can provide data to an investigator in a de-identified format by the HIPAA Safe Harbor method and replacing identifiers with random study IDs as needed.

  2. Limited Data Set. Compass can provide data to an investigator in a Limited Data Set format as defined by HIPAA Privacy Rule.

  3. PHI Data Set. Compass can provide data to an investigator that contains the minimum necessary PHI data elements as allowed by HIPAA.

Data requests are prioritized according to certain guidelines. You can review these guidelines on the Project Prioritization page.

Available Data

Compass integrates a variety of patient data from UCHealth*, Children's Hospital of Colorado, CU Medicine (formerly UPI), and UC Denver. Compass restructures and harmonizes this data to make it more useful for a varity of uses. Data from UCHealth and CHCO goes back historically to 2011 and is current to the month.

Compass also integrates data on patients from UCHealth and Children's Hospital of Colorado electronic medical record (EMR) from other sources outside of the EMR such as the Colorado State Death Registry and CIVHC's All Payer Claims Database (APCD).

To see more details on the data Compass has through our interactive Data Explorer dashboards, complete the De-identified Data Access Agreement and request access to Data Explorer Dashboards.

*UCHealth has expanded to include the following Hospitals:

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) has data in the EMR as of February 2011

Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH) joined January 2012 with data in the EMR as of July 2013

Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR) joined January 2012 with data in the EMR as of July 2013

Memorial Hospital North (MHN) joined January 2012 with data in the EMR as of November 2013

Memorial Hospital Central (MHC) joined January 2012 with data in the EMR as of November 2013

Broomfield Hospital (BH) opened September 2016 with data in the EMR as of September 2016

Grandview Hospital (GVH) opened January 2017 with data in the EMR as of January 2017

Longs Peak Hospital (LPH) opened August 2017 with data in the EMR as of August 2017

Yampa Valley Medical Center (YVMC) joined June 2017 with data in the EMR as of May 2018

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital (PPRH) joined April 2018 with data in the EMR as of August 2018

Highlands Ranch Hospital opened June 2019 with data in the EMR as of June 2019

Greeley Hospital opened July 2019 with data in the EMR as of July 2019

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