Standard Data Delivery

Our Data Delivery Team is dedicated to collaborating with you in order to create a personalized data extract that caters to your research or quality improvement initiatives. By engaging with one of our skilled data analysts, you will have the ability to retrieve nearly any specific data element from the electronic medical record or any of our diverse external data sources.

Our analysts can assist you to:

To get started on a custom data extract project, please complete and submit the Compass Data Request Questionnaire.

Compass encourages customers to utilize the Standardized Project Requirements, a list of the most commonly requested variables to expedite data delivery.

Data Explorer Dashboards

To aid in developing inclusion/exclusion criteria or define specific concepts for self-service or custom data extracts, Compass provides a series of Data Explorer Dashboards. These self-service tools enable users to explore codes for medications, labs, procedures, departments, flowsheets, and more.

To gain access to the Data Explorer Dashboards, please apply via our De-identified Data Access Agreement. Once you are granted access, connect to the CU Denver or CU Anschutz network (or VPN) to access the Data Explorer Dashboards

Check out the tutorial on how to use the Data Explorer Dashboards!

Please Note: The URL listed in the tutorial is no longer current. To access Tableau, go to 

Compass can act as an honest broker by maintaining a mapping between a patient's identifying information and arbitrary IDs, to help facilitate linking data across data sources while reducing privacy risk. 

Compass can provide custom data extracts in three different levels of sensitivity:

Data requests are prioritized according to certain guidelines. You can review these guidelines on the Project Prioritization page.