Data Request Project Prioritization

Health Data Compass provides custom data extract services for free to employees of Compass's partners. This is a nontrivial effort staffed by our highly skilled data delivery team. This team will work with you through every step of the data extraction and delivery process, ensuring that the data you receive is accurate, appropriate for your needs and compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.

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How Custom Data Request Projects are Prioritized

Because these services are free and in high demand, Compass follows a careful intake and prioritization process, vetted and approved by institutional stakeholders in the Compass Steering Committee. In general, Compass follows a “first in, first out” approach to prioritizing requests for data. However, to allow Compass to optimize its limited resources, those priorities may be adjusted at intake and over time according to the following guidelines:

1) Readiness: Does the data requestor have...

    • The necessary legal/regulatory approvals for the data they’re requesting?

    • A clear understanding and definition of their project needs and requirements?

    • Willingness and availability to commit time to collaborate closely with us on their request?

2) Timeliness: Are there deadlines affecting...

    • A new grant application or business partnership opportunity?

    • Fulfilling obligations of an existing grant or business partnership?

    • Submitting or presenting a publication or conference presentation?

3) Simplicity: Does the request...

    • Require fewer overall resources to fulfill?

    • Require only data that Compass already has access to?

Can My Data Request Be Accelerated?

Health Data Compass provides two means by which data requests can be accelerated for funded projects or departments, without taking away resources from the free, shared-access resource pool on our data delivery team.

1) Fund an hourly consultant for a specific data request

Compass has “bench contract” in place with a consulting company that provides highly skilled clinical data analysts and developers. We can assign your project to one of these consultants at an hourly rate, and bill a speed type for actual hours worked, subject to a previously agreed-upon maximum. As an example of the cost, the majority of data requests Compass processes are completed in 40 work hours or less, which equates to $6600 at current rates.

2) Fund an full-time analyst/developer on the Compass team for ongoing needs

Investigators, projects, or departments with ongoing needs for custom data extraction services can fund an internal Compass employee dedicated to their projects, at FTE salary + benefits rates. Under this model, the individual reports to Compass management to maintain the necessary separation of interests for individuals with unfiltered access to patient data. But the funding department can participate in the hiring process and help to manage their analyst/developer's priorities.

For more information on either of these options, contact us.